Japanese characters


In SJ, you can input passwords to unlock new demons, based on your wealth and level, you can then summon the new demons to fight for you. There are already a few active portals that allow password sharing. However, not knowing the Japanese character may cause some trouble to the foreign players. This page lay out the characters used in this game and also a conversion chart so that we can exchange passwords on forums that do not support Japanese display.

The 50-on

There are a few different systems in Japanese alphabets: hiragana, katakana, and kanji. In SJ, luckily, passwords are only expressed in hiragana and English capital letters. There are, however, some story-related demons that would require a sub-system called youon (twisted sound), we will cover that exception later.

Here is the list of hiragana and their pronunciation:

- -a -i -u -e -o
~ あ(a) い(i) う(u) え(e) お(o)
k- か(ka) き(ki) く(ku) け(ke) こ(ko)
s- さ(sa) し(si) す(su) せ(se) そ(so)
t- た(ta) ち(ti) つ(tu) て(te) と(to)
n- な(na) に(ni) ぬ(nu) ね(ne) の(no)
h- は(ha) ひ(hi) ふ(hu) へ(he) ほ(ho)
m- ま(ma) み(mi) む(mu) め(me) も(mo)
y- や(ya) - ゆ(yu) - よ(yo)
r- ら(ra) り(ri) る(ru) れ(re) ろ(ro)
w- わ(wa) - - - を(wo)
n ん(n) - - - -


So, if you see this password, and hope to share online:

You may transcribe the password into:

The basic rules are simple:

  1. Separate each character in the password with a period (.).
  2. Use uppercase for capital English letters only.

Confusing hiragana

There are some hiragana that look highly similar and may end up corrupting your password. Here are some of them.

わ, ね, れ

Wa (わ), ne (ね), and re (れ) look very similar because of the common vertical stroke at the left and the profound curve extending from lower left to upper right. The telltale signs are that ne (ね) ends with a little loop, re (れ) end with a tail upward, and wa (わ) look like the most perfect circular loop.

ろ, る

Ro (ろ) and ru (る) are from the same r- family. The difference is that ru (る) has a little loop at the end, while ro (ろ) looks just like an Arabic number "3".

ぬ, め

Nu (ぬ) and me (め) have similar curvy appearance. However, you can tell one from each other by, once again, paying attention to the little loopy end.

は, ほ

Ha (は) and ho (ほ) are nearly identical except the little horizontal stroke at the top right corner.

さ, ち

Sa (さ) and ti (ち) look like mirror images and they can be confusion. When transcribing it, remember ti (ち) looks just like a Arabic "5" written in a rush.


In the game, you'll be given passwords that utilize more than the simple hiragana system. Here list the exception. For example, in one of the main missions, you'll have to make two demons with these passwords:


The bold parts are not yet covered in the above system, and you should not see them in usual demon password. Okay, now look at the first one:


The in the word てんにょ is a product of youon (twisted sound). It modifies the previous word ni (に) by changing it into nyo (にょ). looks identical to yo (よ), only it's a bit smaller. You should be able to locate them as another input key.

Another system of changing pronunciation is by adding dots on the top right. For instance, ho (ほ) will be pronounced as bo (ぼ) if we add two dots at the top right. This is called the dakuten system. We can even add a circle at the top and change it into po (ぽ).

Other exceptions

Password Persona Macca Stats Ability
てんにょとてんしみわくのこらぼれーしょん LV11女神ハトホル - - -
まじゅうとりゅうおうきんだんのひじゅつ LV10妖獣カクエン - - -
ないたりわらったりできなくしてやる LV75 妖精デモニホ - 55 44 56 47 48 てっけんせいさい うちまくり といき
1+19×21+41×39+1 LV39 邪神ミシャグジさま - 20 23 14 22 20 Maziongo(マハジオンガ 溶解ブレス
2000 LV 39 邪神ミシャグジさま - 25 28 19 30 25 マハジオンガ メディラマ 溶解ブレス
TRUST LV48 幻魔 クー・フーリン - - -
SUNMONTUESWEDNESTHURSFRISATURDAY LV83 邪神 セト - 60 56 55 54 50 アギダイン ブフダイン ジオダイン ガルダイン コンセントレイト
KAZUMAKANEKO LV91 シヴァ 612494 67 62 60 58 56 ジハード メシアライザー 招来の舞踏 不屈の闘志 勝利の雄叫び 三分の魔脈
EIJIISHIDA LV88 マーラ 523549 59 61 54 52 53 ファイナルヌード 至高の魔弾 不屈の闘志 勝利の雄叫び 銃ブースタ
SHOGOISOGAI LV59 ヤタガラス 113515 37 38 10 55 52 挑発 テトラカーン マカラカーン 奇襲 勝利のチャクラ
SHOJIMEGURO アルシエル - - -
KENICHITSUCHIYA LV1 ピクシー 24524 2 10 3 5 99 メギドラオン メディアラハン
KAZUYUKIYAMAI LV57 プロメテウス 132003 42 45 1 46 50 チャージ 狂気の粉砕
YUKISAKAMOTO LV8 オニ 875 5 7 9 5 8 火炎耐性 氷結耐性 電撃耐性 疾風耐性
KENICHITAKAMORI LV5 コッパテング 599 3 6 5 7 4 ブフ ジオ
MEGUMISHIRAISHI LV72 フェンリル 271149 51 40 43 49 43 ラグナロク 冥界破 物理反射 疾風吸収 破魔無効 勝利の雄叫び
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