After clear

Extra features in New Game+

  • Level cap in demon fusion is lifted
  • Initially have 12 demon slots
  • New sub-applications are available for sale:
    • Red Carpet (レッドカーペット): Encounter rate 0%
    • Frost Icon (フロストアイコン): New set of auto-mapping icons
    • Seven Cards (手札は七枚): Allows equipping up to 7 sub-applications, regardless of their sizes (the 7 of them must include this one).
    • Shin Megami Tensei (temporary title) (新女神転生(仮)): Not sure what it actually does. There is a report about this being a joke items. Once equipped, random error messages pop up.
  • New ex-mission:
    • With Unlock B, an area at the North of the Antoria dungeon will be opened. In the area, player may have a boss fight marathon.

Inheritable features

  • All macca
  • Weapons, armors, and consumable items
  • Forma
  • Demon Compendium
  • Unlocked special demon fusions
  • Play record

Non-inheritable features

  • MC's status (level, growth type, name, stats, etc.)
  • Mission clearance
  • Devil Sources
  • DEMONICA's main and sub-applications
  • Important event items
  • Map information
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