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Mission 03

Missing Crewmen (行方不明のクルーを救助せよ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain another 10 medicine from Chen.
  • Head to Antlia (アントリア) through exiting the loading deck.

Antlia (アントリア)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Battle with Fairy Pixie (妖精ピクシー) and ???.
    You may be able to recruit Pixie into the team.
  • E2: Battle with Foul Slime (外道スライム) and Jirae Knocker (地霊ノッカー).
    In this battle you'll learn about Demon Co-Op. Use fire attacks to trigger it.
  • E3: Rescue Irving (アーヴィン) >
    Irving will start selling recovery medicine.
  • E4: Battle with Foul Slime (外道スライム) and Jirae Knocker (地霊ノッカー) and rescue MacCleary (マクリアリー).
  • E5: Rescue Muccino (ムッチーノ).
  • E6: Rescue Maebe (メイビー)
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Side note

  • In this mission, you can enjoy free recovery at the clinic.
  • Knocker may also join your team, the conversation event is not just for Pixie only.

Mission 04

Rescue Jimenez (ヒメネス隊員を救助せよ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Kato (カトー) >
    Should I stop him? (やはり僕は止めるべきなのだろうか?) >
    Rules are rules. (軍規は絶対だ)/
    There are exceptions. (例外もある)
  • Clinic
    • Free healing has stopped.
    • There are three types of healing:
      Recover one partner's HP, MP (回復)
      Recover all partners' HP, MP (全回復)
      Recover death and other status ailments (異常回復)

Antlia (アントリア)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E6: Destroy the wall with explosives.
  • The first terminal (ターミナル) appears, there are these options:
    Save (セーブ)
    Return (伝送)
    Leave (外に出る)
  • E7: Battle
  • Automatically return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Conversation with Jimenez >
    I'm sticking with it. (任務を続行する)/
    I'm out of here. (脱出する)

Mission 05

Engine Restoration (エンジン・リアクターの復旧)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Zoe (ゾイ) in the clinic >
    We should press on. (任務を続行すべき)/
    We should go home. (脱出するべき)

Antlia (アントリア)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E8: Search for the engine room (動力部を探す) >
    Obtain Tokamak Generator (トカマク型起電機) and CU Terminal (ヴェルヌの端末).
  • Return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • With the special items now the lab can start customizing the DEMONICA suit.
  • Obtain main application (メインアプリ) Forma Search A (フォルマサーチA).

Mission 06

Collect Rare Forma (珍しいフォルマを採集せよ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Chen (チェン) at the lab.

Antlia (アントリア)

  • 1F Map (external link)
  • E9: Collect rare forma Feather Flock (フェザーロック)
    • Notice that this item and other formas on this floor may be randomly assigned. E9 above is just one of the possible outcomes.
  • Return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain main application (メインアプリ) Unlock A (アンロックA).
  • With the other formas you found in the dungeon, you may also use the new sub application (サブアプリ) development service now.

Mission 07

Energy Signature Investigation (特殊なエネルギー反応の調査)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • You may perform demon fusion now.
  • Talk to Jimenez > "Think you'll have fun with fusion?" (主人公、合体機能で悪魔と楽しくやれそうだな?) >
    Yeah, I can't wait to start. (自分もそうだ)/
    I'll use it if I need to. (必要なので使いはする)/
    You should be careful. (悪魔の扱いは慎重になるべき)

Antlia (アントリア)

  • B1F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Ex-mission #1
  • E2&: Conversation with Jimenez >
    "Have I gone crazy?" (俺は、おかしくなっちまったのか?) >
    Yeah. (そうだ)/
    No, I see it too. (ちがう、自分にも戦場が見える)
  • E3: Conversation with the Strike Team crew (機動班)
  • E1: Conversation with the Strike Team crew (機動班)
  • B2F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Ex-mission #2.
  • E2: Battle with Oni (妖鬼オニ).
  • E3: Battle with Melchom (堕天使メルコム) and Oni (妖鬼オニ).
  • E4: Battle with Oni (妖鬼オニ), Kaso (魔獣カソ), and 2 Pixies (妖精ピクシー×2).
  • In front of E5: The password system of the Demon Compendium is unlocked.
  • E5: Talk to Morax (モラクス) >
    "Aren't demons the real heroes?" 悪魔の方が善き者ではないか? >
    You have a point. (おまえにも一理ある)/
    Not at all. (人間の方が正しい)/
    Both races are wrong. (悪魔も人間も間違いだ)
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain Signal Beacon (ビーコン式観測機).
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