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Mission 08

Bootes Monitor Duty (ボーティーズで機器観測を行え)

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • You may now carry up to 10 demons.

Boötes (ボーティーズ)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Ex-mission #4.
  • E2: Launch the Signal Beacon.
  • E3: Ex-mission #5.
  • E4: Talk to the three Dis (ディース) and initiate Ex-mission #6.
  • E5: Launch the Signal Beacon.
  • E6: Find rare forma Release Jewel (開示の勾玉).
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Side event
Antlia (アントリア)

Missions 09 & 10

Emergency Signal Inquiry (救難信号の発信源の確認) &
Search for Norris (逃亡したノリス隊員の捜索)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Hand over the item Release Jewel (開示の勾玉) and obtain a main application Gate Search A (ゲートサーチA).
  • Talk to Dent (デント) at the loading deck and initiate Ex-mission #7.

Boötes (ボーティーズ)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E7: Conversation with Norris (ノリス) >
    Snap out of it. (気をしっかり持て)/
    Get yourself to sickbay. (すぐに医務室へ行け)
  • E8: Conversation with Norris, Main Mission 10 is initiated here.
  • 2F: Map (external link)
  • A message "Take the long road" (急がば回れ) may appear on the floor, in that case, it means there may be a pitfall right in front of you. You may choose to avoid it by taking an alternate route.
  • 3F: Map (external link)
  • Event >
    Stay still (ジッとしている)/
    Look around (辺りを見回す) >
    Automatically transferred to 4F (S2)
  • 4F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Conversation with Zelenin >
    Main mission 9 completed.
  • E2: Conversation with demons.
  • E3: Investigate the wall (壁を調べる) and then have a conversation event.
  • E1: Conversation with Zelenin >
    Automatically transferred to 8F(S3)
  • 8F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Conversation with Mitra (ミトラス) >
    "What are you called?" (名乗るが良い) >
    Give your name (名乗る)/
    Ignore him (無視する)
    *If you picked the second one, you will take damage and be asked another question.
    "What is your name?" >
    Give your name
    Ignore him again
    "How have humans come to rule Earth?" (ニンゲンはなぜ、地球の主となった?) >
    I don't know. (わからない)/
    God willed it. (神の導き)/
    With knowledge. (知恵の力)/
    By evolution. (体が進化した)
  • Obtain the Luxury Bell (悦楽の杯種)
    "You or your comrades? Tell me." (言うてみよ、自分か?仲魔か?) >
    Me (自分)/
    My friends. (仲間)/
    Both (どちらも)
  • Automatically transferred back to Red Sprite.

Mission 11

Rescue Zelenin (ゼレーニン隊員の救出)
Bootes (ボーティーズ)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E9: Give Jimenez the Luxury Bell (悦楽の杯種).
  • There will be no random encounters in the palace due to the diversionary tactic (陽動作戦).
  • 2F: Map (external link)
  • 3F: Map (external link)
  • 4F: Map (external link)
  • E4: After the event, go to S4.
  • Investigate the dead bodies in the corners of the room.
  • S3: Event with Norris (ノリス) <
    "What would you do?" どうする? >
    Go and save him (近寄って助ける)/
    Keep watching (様子を見る)
  • If you chose to approach and help, the whole team will take 20 damage.
  • Main mission 10 is completed.
  • E1: Conversation with Zelenin.
  • S2: Conversation with Mastema.
  • E5: After the event, jump into the hole and head to S5 on 3F.
  • Return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain main application Enemy Search A (エネミーサーチA)

Mission 12

Bootes Rosetta (ボーティーズのロゼッタ入手)
Bootes (ボーティーズ)

  • E8: Press the switch and initiate the elevator on 1F.
  • (If you descend from 4F to 3F through stairs and head up to E2 at a full moon, you can talk to Hariti (ハリティ) and start ex-mission #8.)
  • 1F or 3F: take the elevator up to 4F
  • E9: Event with Jimenez.
  • E10: Battle event
  • Conversation with the demon >
    Talk to him (話しかける)/
    Finish him off (とどめをさす)/
    Leave (放って立ち去る)
  • The demon Bugaboo (バカブー) will become Jimenez's partner.
  • 7F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Press the switch and initiate another elevator (Ev2). Use Ev2 to climb up to the other section of 7F, scan the hidden door, and head up to 8F.
  • (If you decide to take a ex-mission, you may take Ev2 up to 8F, and talk to Halphas (ハルパス) to initiate ex-mission #9.
  • Return to Red Sprite.
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