Char01.jpg 主人公
日本出身の兵士。厳しい戦闘訓練と幹部教育を受けたエリート。 国連の指名によりシュバルツバース調査隊に編入される。艦外活動や調査の保安を担う機動班に配属され、1号艦「レッドスプライト号」に搭乗する。

Main Character (MC)
A Japanese elite soldier (JP version) or US Marine (US version) who has been through severe training. He was appointed by the UN to join the Schwarzwelt Investigation Team. He is responsible for out-of-ship investigation and security. He serves on battle ship #1 Red Sprite.

In the game, the player will be asked to name the MC.
Char02.jpg ゴア隊長

Commander Gore
The commander in charge of the Schwarzwelt Investigation. A veteran officer of a big country who is known for his outstanding investigation skills and leadership; he was assigned to lead the action that holds the key to the fate of human beings. He travels on the Red Sprite and commands all the four battle ships.
Char04.jpg ヒメネス

An experienced American soldier. He has worked his way up from being a junior soldier. Attracted by the reward, he volunteered to join the investigation team. He serves on the battle ship #2 Blue Jet as a riot police.
Char03.jpg ゼレーニン

A Russian female scientist. She was recruited into the investigation team as a lieutenant scientist for her research on Schwarzwelt. She serves on battle ship #3 Elve, working in the observation team.
Char05.jpg アーサー

A computer manager on Red Sprite. Its management program is based on artificial personality. It is synchronized with the battleship's system, making it capable in reporting up-to-date situation and provide necessary action plan to the team.
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