High-speed script skipping

Holding X button speeds up the dialogues. Good for skipping the big speech before re-challenging bosses.

Conserve Devil Source

Using this trick you may recycle Devil Source:

  1. Save.
  2. Fuse a desired demon and apply the Devil Source to get the extra skill.
  3. Record the demon's password.
  4. Reset and load the save.
  5. Input the password and use Macca to summon the demon.

Raise partner demons' analysis gauge to 100% in one battle

The gauge fills up after each action, if you find some weak enemies, and defend for about 40 rounds, the gauge will be filled up in one go.

Raising war fund

The hidden forma and enemies regenerate when you re-enter from other floor. So, find a good spot with a couple of forma/enemies hot spots, then keep picking and fighting.

The forma left by the hidden demons can be used to (i) forge stronger equipment, and (ii) sold at a good price; they can be 10x more worthy than other forma dropped by the ordinary enemies.

Occasionally, you may hit into Fiends, who are probably way out of your current league. In that case, run.

Price of healing

The price of recovering 1 HP for 1 Macca; 1 MP for 3 Macca. Recovering all the HP with spells before hitting the clinic or recovery port would help suppress the medical bill.

Easily adjust your stance at anytime

  1. Complete the ex-mission #45 "I would like to build a Yosei town here (5)" (ここに妖精の街を作りたいの(5)) at Antoria (アントリア).
  2. Now you can talk to a Goblin (ゴブリン) nearby about a hole digging event. About 1 out of 4 times, he will ask if you'd like to help him.
  3. According to your answer, you stance will change. One answering alone may not be enough to twist you from very chaotic to very lawful, you may have to talk a few times to see the results.
  4. You may adjust your stance this way as often as you like.
Effect to the stance Answer (JPN)
Towards Law 手伝う, 奪わない
Towards Chaos 何もしない, よこせ
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