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Mission 20

Find the Vanishing Point (バニシング・ポイントを発見せよ)

Eridanus (エリダヌス)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E2: Conversation with Zelenin. >
    There is (ある)/
    There isn't (ない)
  • E3: Obtain rare forma Goetite (ゴエティアイト).
  • Return to the laboratory and obtain main application Forma Search B (フォルマサーチB).
    • There are some floors here that cause poison and sleep status. Develop sub-applications like Nurse (ナース) or Medic (メディック) to reduce the negative effects.
  • E4: Event with Jimenez. >
    "Wake him up?" (起こしますか?) >
    Yes (ゆすって起こす)/
    No (起こさない)
    "Try punching him?" (殴って起こしますか?)
    Yes (はい)/
    No (いいえ)
    "Try kicking him?" (蹴り飛ばして起こしますか?)
    Yes (はい)/
    No (いいえ)
    Obtain 5 Patra Stone (パトラストーン).
  • 2F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Conversation with Ame no Uzume (アメノウズメ) > Ex-mission #33 initiated.
  • Enter the hidden dimension (map) through the control point.
  • E2: Use the application Forma Search B to locate the rare forma Asteria Stone (吸時性アステリア).
  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E5: Wake up the sleeping teammate and receive 5 Dis-Poison (ディスポイズン).
  • E2: Use the Asteria Stone to start the teleportation device, proceed.
  • At this time, the area beyond E6 is not accessible.
  • 3F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Conversation with Zouchouten (ゾウチョウテン) > Ex-mission #36 initiated.
  • E2: Conversation with Kazfiel (カズフェル) > Ex-mission #37 initiated.
  • Take the elevator to climb to the top.

Mission 21

Signal Investigation (カリーナの艦艇反応の調査)
Carina (カリーナ)

  • 4F: Map (external link)
  • E2: Pass through the hidden door (now it's unlocked).
  • E3: Conversation with Captain Jack (ジャック大佐) >
    "Can we establish cordial relations?" (私たちは良い関係を築けますかな?)
    Humans should help each other. (人間同士助け合おう)/
    I'd sooner trust the demons. (仲魔の方が信頼できる)/
    I don't trust anyone easily. (人も悪魔もすぐには信頼しない)

Mission 22

Jack's Bargain (ジャック部隊への資材提供)
Eridanus (エリダヌス)

  • 1F: Map & 2F: Map (external link)
  • Use the warp zone to proceed.
  • 2 > 3 > 4 > 6 > 7 > E7
  • 1F-E7: Use Forma Search B and obtain rare forma Hydro Apple (ハイドロアップル)
  • E7 > 8 > 9 > 21 > E8
  • 1F-E8: Use Forma Search B and obtain rare forma Ice-10 (九重氷石)
  • 1F-E8 > Up through 15 > 2F-Pit fall at 12 > Up through 21 > 2F-Pit fall at 21 > 1F-E9
  • 1F-E9: Use Forma Search B and obtain rare forma X-Metal (エックス金属)

Carina (カリーナ)

Mission 20 (Continued)

Find the Vanishing Point (バニシング・ポイントを発見せよ)
Eridanus (エリダヌス)

  • 10F: Map (external link)
  • E2: Receive main application Gate Search C from the Jack's squad member.
  • E5: Conversation with Ouroboros (ウロボロス) >
    "Can you overcome our endless power?"

Our power is also endless. (人間の力も限りない)/
Your enemy's power is endless. (悪魔を敵とする力も尽きない)/
I want that power (その力が欲しい)

  • E6: Battle with 3 Mandrake (妖樹マンドレイク), weak against fire, reflect ice.
  • E7: Battle with 2 Kwancha (地霊カワンチャ), weak against electric, reflect wind.
  • E8: Battle with 2 Dzelarhons (地母神ズェラロンズ), weak against ice, reflect fire.
  • E9: Battle with 3 Basilisk (邪龍バジリスク), weak against wind, reflect electric.

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Conversation with Jimenez >
    "What do you think, MC?" (シュバルツバースの解明が必要か?) >
    We owe it to mankind. (人類のために解明するべき)/
    Fine, long as it's destroyed. (破壊されればそれでいい)/
    I just want to forget it all. (ここでの事は忘れてしまいたい)
  • Formless Mass was identified as EM: Eridanus (EX物質:Eri).
  • Conversation with Zelenin >
    "Can you carry out your duties?" (任務継続の意志は残ってる?)
    I can. (残っている)/
    I'm… not sure. (薄れている)


  • 3F: Map (external link)
  • E3: Conversation with Koumokuten (コウモクテン) > Ex-mission #40 initiated.
  • E4: Haniel (ハニエル) > Ex-mission #41 initiated.
  • 10F: Map (external link)
  • E3: Investigate the Yggdrasil (イグドラシル) and then exit through the door behind it. Talk to Norn (ノルン) > Ex-mission #38 initiated.
  • E4: Conversation with Dantalian (ダンダリアス) > Ex-mission #39 initiated.
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