Q: Which type of MC's supports is the best?

A: First, you can see the stats' growth rates here. At the end of the day the difference is not very dramatic. For the defensive type, AGL type can do recovery job nicely, while VIT type can take a couple more blows from the enemies. For the offensive type, remember that physical sword and gun skills depend on STR, while elemental and almighty skills depend on MAG.

Also, there is incense for each stat in this game for you to strengthen a certain stat and they are not too hard to come by. If you have talked to a certain speech type (demons have a few styles of speech, like some speak like a teenage girl, some speak like an old gentleman) for more than 300 times, they are very likely to present incense to you. Talking during full moon also increase the odds of getting incense.

Q: How to walk side way or backward?

A: Hold down the B button and then move the direction button. Pressing Left or Right allows you to walk side way. Pressing Down allows you to walk backward.

Q: How to soft reset the game?

A: Hold down L, R, Select, and Start buttons all at once then release them.

Q: Why did my MC's stance change?

A: There are numerous points in the game that your MC's stance can change. Most of the times it's changed by conversation. Before major boss fights, there are often a 3-option multiple choice that can affect your stance. Story-based conversation can also change your stance. In the later part of the game, you may adjust your stance. However, before that you would need to bear with the change or perform a reset.

Q: Why can't I talk to some demons?

A: Demons with dark stance do not respond to your conversation requests, which means they cannot be recruited in the usual way. There are a couple methods to get them:

  1. Equip the application that allows you to talk during full moon. Usually, the demons are so elated during full moon that they cannot talk. Using this application, you can carry out a simple conversation with them. There is a slim chance that even dark demons may join you.
  2. Level up and wait for them to start the conversation. When you're strong enough, they may either beg for their lives or be interested enough to suggest joining your party.
  3. Fuse them.

Q: How to increase the demons analysis gauge?

A: There are four stages of understanding:

Stage Description
Purple color First encounter, appearance unknown
Light blue color Appearance known. Skills and weakness profile unknown
Blue color Skills and weakness profile known. Dropped items unknown
Yellow color All known. For partner demons, their summoning cost drop by half and they will also present you the demon source in the next level up.

The ways of increasing the gauge:

  1. Defeat that demon (as enemy) in a battle.
  2. Win a battle with that demon (as active fighting partner, not in DEMONICA). It takes about 50 turns to max the gauge if the demon starts from a light blue colored gauge. Since it increases each turn, you can actually defend for about 50 turns and max its gauge in one single encounter.
  3. Fuse that demon or summon that demon from the compendium.
  4. End the battles with conversation with that demon (as enemy) if one of them is already in your party (active or inactive).
  5. Let the demon (as partner) participate in a CO-OP attack.
  6. Recruit that demon to be your partner. Even for dark demons who cannot be recruited (they only propose to join you), their gauges go up if you let them join.

Q: How many levels can buff and debuff spells go?

A: +/- 4 ranks.

Q: I accidentally overwrote the vanilla demon record on the compendium. How to get the original vanilla version back?

A: There are two versions of demon compendium. One for vanilla demons, one for customized demons. When browsing the compendium, use Select button to toggle between the two versions.

Q: Why doesn't the skill set of the resultant demon did not change no matter how many times I reshuffled?

A: Use a demon source, otherwise inherited skills will be nearly always the same. A demon source allows a better reshuffling.

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