Law route

Mission 28 (Continued)

Horologium's Exotic Matter (ホロロジウムのエキゾチック物質)

  • Obtain Clement Bell (クレメントベル). > Take it back to the lab and obtain main application Unlock D (アンロックD).

Mission 29

Find the Four Cosmic Eggs (4つの宇宙卵を入手せよ)

Antlia (アントリア)

  • Obtain the Cosmic Egg #1 (第1の宇宙卵).

Bootes (ボーティーズ)

  • 6F: Open Door D and proceed by taking the elevator.
  • 7F-E2: Conversation with Yatagarasu (ヤタガラス) > Obtain the Cosmic Egg #2 (第2の宇宙卵).

Carina (カリーナ)

  • 2F: hidden dimension: Map (external link)
  • Take the stairs at the front of 1F, then use the control point to access the hidden dimension, open Door D.
  • E4: Battle event.
  • Obtain the Cosmic Egg #3 (第3の宇宙卵).

Delphinus (デルファイナス)

  • Open Door D on 1F and proceed, use the hidden door C to flip the switch twice in order to control the elevator.
  • 9F-E1: Conversation with Cherub (ケルプ) > Obtain the Cosmic Egg #4 (第4の宇宙卵).
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Mission 28 (Continued)

Horologium's Exotic Matter (ホロロジウムのエキゾチック物質)

Shortest route
1F Boss fight > 1F (Ev2) > B2F (Ev3) > B4F (Ev4) > B3F (Up3) > B2F (Up5) > B1F (Dn6) > B2F (Dn7) > B3F (Dn8) > B4F (1 > 6 while full moon > 8 > Dn9) > B5F Boss fight > B5F (Dn11) > B6F (E1 > Dn12) > B7F(E1 > Control pt. > Hidden Dimension A > E3 > Control pt. > Up12) > B6F (Dn13) > B7F (E2 > Dn14) > B8F (Dn15) > B9F Final boss fight.

Horologium (ホロロジウム)

  • Obtain Destiny Core (御先の勾玉) > Take it back to the lab and receive main application Gate Search D (ゲートサーチD).
  • 1F: Go through the hidden door at the right, and take the elevator.
  • B2F: Go through the moving trap floors and take stair up (Up5).
  • B4F: During a full moon, use the warp zone to transport to warp zone #6.
  • B4F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Obtain rare forma Gumonji Mirror (求聞持の鏡) > Take it back to the lab and develop main application Enemy Search C (エネミーサーチC).
  • B6F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Use the switch inside the hidden door to get rid of the magma.
  • E2: Use Forma Search B to find rare forma Raven Stone (霊鳥石) > Take it back to the lab and develop main application Visualizer C (「ダークスキャナC).
  • B7F: Map (external link)
  • Walk in the air to proceed.
  • E1: Press the switch #1 on the wall.
  • E2: Press the switch #2 on the wall. You'll need to get to this switch through the stairs from B6F (way top right).
  • Use the control point to enter the hidden dimension.
  • B7F: Hidden dimension A: Map (external link)
  • E3: Press the last switch #3 to open up the wall.
  • B7F: Hidden dimension B: Map (external link)
  • There are save and recovery points here. In addition, an elevator is available as a short cut back to the 1F.
  • To Law Ending.
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