Missions 1 to 10


Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Captain Gore >
    Shake hands(握手に応じる)/
    Refuse to shake hands(握手を拒否する)
  • Talk to Zelenin >
    Introduce yourself and shake hand?
  • During the briefing, answer the six questions and determine your growth type.
  • Talk to Jeminez and his riot police crew (機動班).
  • Talk to Zelenin in the commander room >
    Do you think there are living things? (主人公は知的生命体がいると思う?) >
    No idea(よくわからない)
  • Talk to the surveying crew (観測班) in the commander room.
  • Head to the clinic (医療室) and laboratory (ラボ) for event scenes.
  • Talk to the mechanical crew (動力班) >
    You look more than capable, don't you? (なかなか余裕があるんだな?) >
    I am just getting trained (訓練を受けている)/
    I pray to calm myself down (祈りで心を鎮める)/
    I am not afraid of death (死を恐れてはいない)

Mission 01

Rescue the mechanical crew (動力班クルーの救助)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Defeat two slimes (外道スライム) at the loading deck (降車デッキ). They only have HP29, don't hit too hard. :)

Mission 02

Head to the clinic for rescue (医療室へ救助に向かえ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain five medicine (回復薬) from Chen (チェン) at the lab.
  • Head to the clinic and defect another two slimes.

Mission 03

Rescue the lost crew (行方不明のクルーを救助せよ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain another 10 medicine from Chen.
  • Head to Antoria (アントリア) through exiting the loading deck.

Antoria (アントリア)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Battle with Pixie (妖精ピクシー) and ???.
    You may be able to recruit Pixie into the team.
  • E2: Battle with slime (外道スライム) and Knocker (地霊ノッカー).
    In this battle you'll learn about Devil COOP. Use fire attacks to trigger it.
  • E3: Rescue Irvin (アーヴィン) >
    Irvin will start selling recovery medicine.
  • E4: Battle with slime (外道スライム) and Knocker (地霊ノッカー) and rescue McCreary (マクリアリー).
  • E5: Rescue Muccino (ムッチーノ).
  • E6: Rescue Meiby (メイビー)
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Side note

  • In this mission, you can enjoy free recovery at the clinic.
  • Knocker may also join your team, the conversation event is not solely for Pixie only.

Mission 04

Rescue teammate Jiminez (ヒメネス隊員を救助せよ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Katou (カトー) >
    Should I have stopped this from happening? (やはり僕は止めるべきなのだろうか?) >
    Military rules are absolute. (軍規は絶対だ)/
    Well… there can be exception. (例外もある)

Antoria (アントリア)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E6: Destroy the wall with dynamite.
  • E7: Battle with Orias 堕天使オリアス (tip: Use fire attack such as Fire Shell (火炎弾) to trigger Devil COOP)
  • Obtain Remegetonaito (レメゲトナイト).
  • Automatically return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Conversation with Jimenez >
    Continue the mission. (任務を続行する)/
    Retreat. (脱出する)

Mission 05

Repairing the engine reactor (エンジン・リアクターの復旧)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Zoe (ゾイ) in the clinic >
    Should continue the mission. (任務を続行すべき)/
    Should retreat. (脱出するべき)

Antoria (アントリア)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E8: Investigate the mechanical part (動力部を探す) >
    Obtain Tokamak Generator (トカマク型起電機) and Verne's Terminal (ヴェルヌの端末).
  • Return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • With the special items now the lab can start customizing the DEMONICA suit.
  • Obtain main application (メインアプリ) Forma Search A (フォルマサーチA).

Mission 06

Collect the rare forma (珍しいフォルマを採集せよ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Chen (チェン) at the lab.

Antoria (アントリア)

  • 1F Map (external link)
  • E9: Collect rare forma Feather Lock (フェザーロック)
    • Notice that this item and other formas on this floor may be randomly assigned. E9 above is just one of the possible outcomes.
  • Return to Red Sprite

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain main application (メインアプリ) Unlock A (アンロックA).
  • With the other formas you found in the dungeon, you may also use the new sub application (サブアプリ) development service now.

Mission 07

Investigate a special source of energy (特殊なエネルギー反応の調査)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • You may perform demon fusion now.
  • Talk to Jimenez > "MC, with fusion ability maybe I can easily put up with the demons?" (主人公、合体機能で悪魔と楽しくやれそうだな?) >
    I thought so, too. (自分もそうだ)/
    It's necessary, I need to use it. (必要なので使いはする)/
    Should only use demons' help cautiously. (悪魔の扱いは慎重になるべき)

Antoria (アントリア)

  • B1F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Ex-mission #1
  • E2&: Conversation with Jimenez >
    "Am I becoming strange?" (俺は、おかしくなっちまったのか?) >
    I think so. (そうだ)/
    No, I also witnessed what battle fields look like. (ちがう、自分にも戦場が見える)
  • E3: Conversation with the Riot Police crew (機動班)
  • E1: Conversation with the Riot Police crew (機動班)
  • B2F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Ex-mission #2.
  • E2: Battle with Oni (妖鬼オニ).
  • E3: Battle with Melchom (堕天使メルコム) and Oni (妖鬼オニ).
  • E4: Battle with Oni (妖鬼オニ), Kaso (魔獣カソ), and 2 Pixies (妖精ピクシー×2).
  • In front of E5: The password system of the Demon Compendium is unlocked.
  • E5: Talk to Morax (モラクス) >
    "Aren't demons the good ones?" 悪魔の方が善き者ではないか? >
    You've got a point (おまえにも一理ある)/
    Human beings are the right ones (人間の方が正しい)/
    Both demons and human beings are wrong. (悪魔も人間も間違いだ)
  • E7: Battle with Morax (モラクス) (tip: Morax uses Geenna (ゲヘナ) which inflict fear status. Feared demons may either skip attacking or return to the COMP. Morax reflects fire and is weak against ice. Having a Hathor in your party will help since she can use Media.)
  • Morax fusion is unlocked.
  • Obtain Demon's Horn (魔王の真鍮牛角) and Mysterious Energy (謎のエネルギー体).
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain Beacon-type Monitor (ビーコン式観測機).

Mission 08

Surveying mission at Boötes (ボーティーズで機器観測を行え)

Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • You may not carry up to 10 demons.

Boötes (ボーティーズ)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Ex-mission #4.
  • E2: Launch the Beacon-type Monitor.
  • E3: Ex-mission #5.
  • E4: Talk to the three Dis (ディース) and initiate Ex-mission #6.
  • E4: Launch the Beacon-type Monitor.
  • Return to Red Sprite.

Side event
Antoria (アントリア)

Missions 09 & 10

Confirm the source of the SOS signal (救難信号の発信源の確認) &
Search for the escaped teammate Norris (逃亡したノリス隊員の捜索)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Hand over the item Jade of Kaiji (開示の勾玉) and obtain a main application Gate Search A (ゲートサーチA).
  • Talk to Dent (デント) at the loading deck and initiate Ex-mission #7.

Boötes (ボーティーズ)

  • 1F: Map (external link)
  • E7: Conversation with Norris (ノリス) >
    Toughen up! (気をしっかり持て)/
    Go to the clinic now! (すぐに医務室へ行け)
  • E8: Conversation with Norris, Main Mission 10 is initiated here.
  • 2F: Map (external link)
  • Choose "turn quickly" (急がば回れ) to avoid the pitfall, proceed.
  • 3F: Map (external link)
  • Event >
    Freeze up (ジッとしている)/
    Look around (辺りを見回す) >
    Automatically transferred to 4F(S2)
  • 4F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Conversation with Zelenin >
    Main mission 9 completed.
  • E2: Conversation with demons.
  • E3: Investigate the wall (壁を調べる) and then have a conversation event.
  • E1: Conversation with Zelenin >
    Automatically transferred to 8F(S3)
  • 8F: Map (external link)
  • E1: Conversation with Mithras (ミトラス) >
    "Would be nice if you tell me your name." (名乗るが良い) >
    Tell Mithras your name (名乗る)/
    Ignore Mithras (無視する)

"How did human beings become the owner of the world?" (ニンゲンはなぜ、地球の主となった?) >
No idea (わからない)/
It's the will of god (神の導き)/
Intelligence and wisdom (知恵の力)/
Well evolved body (体が進化した)

  • Obtain the Seed of Happiness (快楽の杯種)

"Tell me, yours? Or your friends'?" (言うてみよ、自分か?仲魔か?) >
Mine (自分)/
Firend's (仲間)/
Both (どちらも)

  • Automatically transferred back to Red Sprite.


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