Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Talk to Captain Gore >
    Shake hands(握手に応じる)/
    Refuse to shake hands(握手を拒否する)
  • Talk to Zelenin >
    Introduce yourself and shake hand?
  • During the briefing, answer the six questions and determine your growth type.
  • Talk to Jeminez and his riot police crew (機動班).
  • Talk to Zelenin in the commander room >
    Do you think there are living things? (主人公は知的生命体がいると思う?) >
    No idea(よくわからない)
  • Talk to the surveying crew (観測班) in the commander room.
  • Head to the clinic (医療室) and laboratory (ラボ) for event scenes.
  • Talk to the mechanical crew (動力班) >
    You look more than capable, don't you? (なかなか余裕があるんだな?) >
    I am just getting trained (訓練を受けている)/
    I pray to calm myself down (祈りで心を鎮める)/
    I am not afraid of death (死を恐れてはいない)

Mission 01

Rescue the mechanical crew (動力班クルーの救助)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Defeat two slimes (外道スライム) at the loading deck (降車デッキ). They only have HP29, don't hit too hard. :)

Mission 02

Head to the clinic for rescue (医療室へ救助に向かえ)
Red Sprite (レッドスプライト号)

  • Obtain five medicine (回復薬) from Chen (チェン) at the lab.
  • Head to the clinic and defect another two slimes.
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