What we know so far


  • Estimated game time is about 70-100 hours.
  • System configuration, demon management, and demon fusion can be done using the DEMONICA operation system.
  • There are main missions and also sub-missions.
  • The X-button is defaulted as a shortcut to call up records on mission, extra-missions, and document (such as glossary).
  • Macca (マッカ) will be the currency in this game. Though this currency is now being treated as "a form of flowing energy in Schwarz-verse".
  • When certain criteria are reached, the MC will be awarded with badges.
  • There will be no instant saving. However, in the 3D dungeon, players can save at many terminals (ターミナル). Other functions such as teleportation and DEMONICA configuration can also be done at the terminals.
  • The alignment system is now called the "stance" (スタンス). There are Major Stance (大スタンス) and Minor Stance (小スタンス): one is broken down into Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic; the other one, Light-Neutral-Dark. Totally there are nine possible combos.

About DEMONICA suits

  • At the beginning, players will have to answer six questions, which will determine the growth pattern of their DEMONICA suits, such as magic-type or attack-type.
  • Applications (アプリケーション) can be added to the suit for extra functions.
  • There are two types of applications: Main and Sub. Main applications (メインアプリ) are default functions that are always in effect. Sub-applications (サブアプリ) will only work when it's equipped.
  • Some known examples of Sub-applications are "HP,MP recovery", "Item discovery rate up", "majin converter" (allow the MC to fuse a special tribe - Majin), etc.

About forma (フォルマ)

  • A new material, forma, is introduced in this game. Players can synthesize new weapons, armors, items, and applications using forma at the laboratory inside Red Sprite for a fee paid in Macca.
  • Forma can be located with DEMONICA application "forma search" (フォルマサーチ).
  • There are a few types of Formas:
    • "Base forma" (ベースフォルマ): foundation of synthesizing weapons and armors.
    • "Rare forma" (レアフォルマ): foundation of synthesizing main and sub-applications.
    • "Assist forma" (アシストフォルマ): supplementary materials that enhance the base forma in the synthesis. They have four types of properties:
      • Offensive-for weapons (攻性(武器))
      • Defensive-for armors (防性(防具))
      • Accessorizing-for accessories (飾性(アクセサリ))
      • Recovering (回復」)
  • The estimated total number of items and equipment that can be made through the synthesis process is about 250.
  • For the MC, there are six different slots for equipment. One for melee weapon, one for firearm, one for armor, three for accessories.

About battle system

  • If a weakness of an enemy is exploited, teammates with the same stance with the attacker will perform a follow-up attack. This new system is known as the Devil Co-op (デビルCO-OP(コープ)).
  • There are extra battle-related criteria that would lead to bonus, possibly some system like Devil Survivor.
  • Newly encountered demons are projected in an "unknown" (アンノウン) status. The demons' appearance will be blurred, and they will not engage in conversation.
  • When the "resolution" (解析度) increases (through checking the analyze gauge (アナライズゲージ)), more information about the demons will be revealed.
  • There are a few ways to increase the analyze gauge: defeating the demons, creating the demon with fusion, recruiting the demon, and finishing off the demons with a Devil Co-op.

About demons fusion

  • Along the story progress, the MC will be able to fuse demons outside battles on his computer by pressing the Y button.
  • There are, so far, two types of fusions: "2-demon fusion" and "special fusion".
  • The availabilities of a formal fusion facility and other fusion mechanism remain unknown.
  • Demon Compendium (悪魔全書) system is in this game. Players can summon demons for a fee paid in Macca.

New system

  • Players can now exchange demons using passwords!
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