April 1st, 2010 (Happy April Fools' Day!!)

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Katakirauwa.jpg The shadowless pig casting a shadow.

September 23rd

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b06p01.jpg Unarguably, the charm point of this SMT is the world setting, which describes how people are being manipulated by a global scale destruction. The story does not focus on defeating a single powerful villain, instead, it requires the player to make optimal decisions along the way in order to save the world from being destroyed. The negative consequence of human civilization, such as discrimination, war, and unstoppable desire are heavily used in the theme.

Keyword 1: Why does Schwarz-verse exist?
The state of this SMT, Schwarz-verse, is an expanding dimension that is slowing absorbing the surrounding nature and approaching to cover the whole world. The reason of its existence will be the key point of the game. Within Schwarz-verse, there are realistic dungeons depicting war zones, red light districts, etc. While the player is exploring this hyperspace bit by bit, the reason of Schwarz-verse's existence may unfold itself.

Keyword 2: The ways of living: LAW.NEUTRAL.CHAOS
In the game, the player will have to make many decisions that eventually determine the MC's "stance". The three major stances, law, neutral, and chaos, affect MC's affinity with the demonic partners. Should you select your path by following your heart or by optimizing the tactics? That's up to you.

Captions of the screen shots:
Zelenin: "… Demon summoning program? Using this kind of thing in our investigation??" There are teammates who resist the idea of controlling demons, just like Zelenin.
Mithras: "Hey, for human beings, do they value their own lives more or their partners'?"
Mithras: "Just tell me. Yourself? Partner?"
Myself / Partner / Both
The very personal questions add spice to the story.

Demon illustration
Baphomet - A demon with a goat head who is specialized in conducting dark missa. It is said that the Temple Knights worshiped him; he is also a worshiped by witches.
b06p02.jpg I have never heard of that demon fusion can be so much fun!!

Keyword 1: More than 300 demons for summon and exchange
The fusion system has been improved even players who are afraid of difficulty can enjoy. The extensive references to deities from different myths such as Greek, Egyptian, Hindu, and Chinese would prove to impress players who are into mystery and occult. The illustrations of Kaneko is also another attraction. There are demons that can only be obtained through special fusions or password exchanges, a lot of perseverance is needed to perfect the demon compendium!

Keyword 2: Fusing demons anywhere
In the past SMT, players can only fuse in a facility. In this SMT, fusion can be done anywhere! This system works smoothly with the increased amount of demons, because one can fuse the demons away right after recruiting them. No more coerced return to the base; fans' dreams finally come true!

Keyword 3: Inheriting skills with devil source
Devil source is a new component of this SMT, which involves demon presenting the MC a part of their skill memory during their level up events. Applying this devil source in fusion, the new demon can acquire the skill stored in the devil source. With proper fusion strategy, you can create a demon you love.

September 9th

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b05p01.jpg Five major topics:
No.1 There are somethings else other than demons in Schwarz-verse!?
No.2 First in SMT series! You can exchange demons!?
No.3 A close-up at the tactical battles
No.4 The facilities inside Red Sprite…
No.5 Non-story-related components you can enjoy
b05p02.jpg This page shows most of the information that is already released:
- Main story
- Main character
- Function of the DEMONICA suits
- 3D first person dungeon
- Contact system with demons
b05p03.jpg Sent by the god, an angel with black wings
Shown here is a new character Mansemat. Mansemat is also known as Mastema, representing "hatred", "hostility", "enmity" or "persecution".
Mysterious girl
Not too much was known about the girl on the bottom half of the page, but the main title says that she gives the main characters many manipulative messages.
b05p04.jpg Exchange demons with passwords!
A new system, demon exchange, is introduced. Players can import others' demons using password input. Then, the recipient can summon the demon use it in the battle. Once it has leveled up, it can be exchanged again, occasionally skill mutation will also happen.

Zelenin's additional report File 1
Zelenin tells you about the use of the demon compendium. Nothing new: you can register demons and summon them again.
b05p05.jpg A tip for battling: know your demons
1. Analyze the demons with scanning
Players can analyze demons with a DEMONICA suit application. First, not much information is shown, however, the analysis results will be enriched if you contact and recruit the demons. When the file of a demon teammate is fully disclosed, it will give you devil source when it levels up!

2. Exploit the enemies' week point and use Devil Co-op to finish the battles!
The new battle system "Devil Co-op" allows the team to attack all at once. To trigger it, you would need to hit an enemy's weak point first. Afterward, demons with the same "stance" (スタンス) will deliver a follow-up attack. At most, 4 Devil Co-ops can be done in one turn.
Stance is the same as the traditional alignment system. There are three major stances: Law, Neutral, and Chaos.
b05p06.jpg Let's have a look inside the base: Red Sprite!
Loading deck: where the team will exit the base and enter the dungeons.
Clinic: for recovery.
Command room: probably where Captain Gore will be.
Lab: where the MC can hand the lab technicians "rare forma" and get newly synthesized items.
b05p07.jpg Other components!
There are more than 60 "Ex-missions". Also, there will be a detailed "Play Record" to document major milestones.

Zelenin's additional report File 2
Demons abusing demons… what happens to this world?
This section reveals an important story line. There seems to be some demons being abused by other demons. Shown is a laboratory scene in where a demon Bagabu is screaming in fear.

August 18th

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b04p00.jpg Use "Contact" to get teammate demons
The system of demon contact is a characteristic of the SMT series. The conversation is carried on with a series of multiple choices. Players have to pick the various choices according to the personality of the demons. If the contact goes sour, the demons may perform a surprise attack. However, if it goes well, they may present the players item and money. It would be fun to enjoy the demons' speeches and reactions.
According to the time, this kind of conversation may happen!!
In the game, the moon phase changes when the players wander in the dungeon. Full moon tends to stimulate demons, making conversation difficult. However, there are application for your DEMONICA suit to override this difficulty, use it wisely!
Conversation on the left:
An example of a successful contact with Momunofu. [Penguin Knight: Too blur to translate the conversation] At the end you can ask the demon to (i) be your teammate, (ii) give you an item, (iii) give you some mecca, and (iv) do nothing.
Conversation on the right:
An example of a failed contact with Amenouzume. The demon asked: Why do you want to talk to me? The three choices are: (i) Want you to join, (ii) Want an item from you, and (iii) You're charming, which is what was selected as the answer. Then the demon gets very pensive: "Way back, I met this guy, and he said the same thing". Then she gets angry, "Argh!! I get so upset when I think of him! YOU!! You are responsible and pay with your death!!"
b04p01.jpg Top left:
Maou Asura - An agressive tribe appearing in Hindu myth. For a few times they gave the Hindu gods some hard times with their immense physical and magical power. He appears as a boss in SMT SJ.
Top right:
Strengthen your demon with fusion
Stronger demons can be created by fusing the demons that aready joined your party. A major part of the fun playing this game comes from trying all the recipes to come up with more than 300 demons. There are also special fusions and fusion accidents.
The screen shots show two demons being fused. The upper one seems to be a dragon god with Megido, Petrifying Curse, Silent Pray, Fog Breath, Tetraja, and Garudyne. Name with red color means it's Chaotic, you can also see the alignment "light-chaos" at the bottom.
The lower screen shows the second ingredient, a Ryuuou that uses Maragion, Poison Scratch, Makajama, Endure, Mabufu, and Mamudoon. This demon is "neutral-neutral". The resultant persona is Ose.
Middle right:
Maou Oukasu - Death in Greek and Roman myth. It has a pig head and bottomless greed to dead bodies. It was also featured as the area boss of The Gluttony world in "SMT if…"
Lower left:
New element: Use Devil Source to allow skill inheritance
A new system Devil Source is added to this game. Occasionally, a demon will give you a crystal during level up event as a gift. This crystal, know as Devil Source, carries the memory of a skill from the giver. You may use this crystal in a demon fusion in order to let the new demon inherit this skill.
The screen shots show Pavati giving you a "Pava Source", using it to in fusion allows the new demon to use Medirama. You can also see a new skill "Recovery Amp" as another selectable skill.
Lower right:
Using Devil Source, you can also let demon inherit skills that they originally will not inherit. For example, Ose will not take the Megido from its parent Gucumatz. However, with Devil Source, you can let Ose take Megido.

August 6th

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b02p284.jpg This scan does not give too much new information compared to the last batch. The teammates in DEMONICA were shown. In DS, the upper screen works like the goggles of the DEMONICA, showing the 1st person view; the lower screen represents the Arm Terminal of the DEMONICA, displaying various information. In the upper screen, we can see the moon phase on top left, X button for Auto, Y button for condition, as well as an Analyze option. The commands are Fight, Talk, and Escape. It was speculated that some demons may not be clearly visible, like the one way right. And DEMONICA may have a function to reveal their true form. In the lower screen, the analysis results are shown. There are eight properties: physical, firearm, fire, ice, electricity, wind, light, and dark. The demons in the encounter are Mandrake, Amenofutotama (天太玉命), and an unknown demon.
b02p285.jpg The top part of the page describes upgrading the DEMONICA through getting application. An ingredient called Rare Forma (レアフォルマ) can be found in the dungeon and used to create "applications". Introduced here are some of the applications.
Once the application is equipped, relevant information will be displayed in the lower screen. The green boundary represents the "searchable radius". The applications will reveal corresponding data in this area, including (i) hidden door, (ii) invisible demons, and (iii) retrievable Rare Forma.
1) Main application (top right): Gate Search - allows users to scan walls and uncover concealed entrances. There seems to be different type of gates, here the screen reads "Activated Gate Search Type A… A gate was found.
2) Main application (second right): Enemy Search - allows users to discover demons that cannot be met in normal encounters. There also seems to be different type of demon scanners. Here in the screen is "Enemy Search Type A'.
3) Main application (lower left): Forma Search - allows users to find Forma on the map.
4) Main application (lower right): Space Scan - allows users to find hidden dimensions in Schwarz-verse. However, this application only helps the users to locate the space, in order to get in, a "Restricted Point" has to be recovered, too.

August 1st

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b01p68.jpg Release date and details: See here.
Story: A strange dimension called Schwalz-verse appears over the South Pole and keeps expanding. An investigation team is then sent to explore the dimension and look for the reason of its appearance. The MC is one of the exploration teammates.
MC: Originally a Japanese elite soldier who had gone through severe trainings. He was appointed by the United Nations to join the Schwalz-verse investigation team. His main duty includes out-of-ship actions/investigation and security. He serves on the battle ship "Red Sprite".
Screen shot 1: Captain Goa is asking the teammates to configure the orientation of the destination with their Demonica Suit.
Screen shot 2: The demon says, "Human beings… cannot be forgiven!!!"
b01p69.jpg Shwarz-verse: The gist of the story is about an expanding hyperspace appearing at the South Pole at the beginning of the 21st century. The space contains active molecular deterioration and can potentially threaten the 70 billion population in the world. So, the UN appointed an investigation team to enter this dimension and find out how to eliminate it.
The battle ship: Th\hey are: #1 Red Sprite, #2 Blue Jet, #3 Elves, and #4 Gigantic.
What's SMT? The time line of SMT was also shown on the right. Details can be found here.
b01p70.jpg The international crew members: The details of the main characters are shown here. The quotes of the members are quite interesting.
"If the whole fleet works together, there is nothing we cannot figure out." - Gore
"If I can get my fair share, I am willing to contribute as long as I can keep my life." - Jimenez
"The public was told that it's a giant blizzard. However, that's false information, in fact…" - Zelenin
b01p71.jpg DEMONICA Suit: This scan shows the major equipment in this game, the DEMONICA. The suit can be customized with different applications, including various scanning functions. The upper DS screen shows the first person view of the MC, and the lower screen shows the information displayed on the wearable computer equipped at the forearm.
b01p72.jpg More than 300 demons: Demon Morax is show at the top left. It seems to be a boss character. The fight takes place in the Hell Gehenna (wiki), which may imply the true identity of Schwarz-verse.
Devil CO-OP: When the player hit the weakness of an enemy, a chain attack called Devil CO-OP may be initiated.
Sub quests: Not all demons are enemies. Some of them may ask the player for help in completing some quest. Just like this one, the player is asked to join a hunting competition.
b01p73.jpg More on demon: Another demon Bugaboo is shown at the top left. The top right shows the contact system and fusion system.
Other non-battle support: There are also crew members who help you with synthesizing items. They charge you mecca, a currency used in SMT game.
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