This video shows the "Demon Summon Program" being transferred to the team members. Once they have got the program, they are able to see the invisible demons.
This video show demons Oni leveling up and giving the MC a devil source. Each demon has its own devil source. Oni's is called Onisource.
Successfully convinced a pixie to join!!
A crew member freaked out be a murderous demon.
Zelenin explains the details of the Schwarz-verse. The phenomenon has happened for a few months, and there hasn't been any previous example. To the public it's explained as a "giant blizzard", however, it's actually a hyperspace that twist and absorb the surrounding dimension. At the very first, Schwarz-verse is no bigger than one meter. It started to expand and eventually killed the first batch of researchers nearby. Currently, its radius has reached a few hundred kilometers, and still expanding.
Application "Gate search" in action. It reveals a hidden door.
A walk in the dungeon… notice the damage zone that causes damage when stepped on.
Application "Enemy search" in action.
Name entry.
The moment before entering Schwarz-verse.
Jemeniz giving the MC a little speech. He claims that he joins the team because of the rewards. He also says that an elite in the #1 battle ship like the MC will never understand his simple motive. At the end you can see the player decided not to shake hand with him.
Briefing by Captain Gore, 30 minutes before entering the Schwarz-verse.
Link Contact system
This video hosted on shows a successful conversation with a pixie.
Link Demon appearance
This video shows a medical crew member totally scared by a demon that seems to be a slime.
Game play
This video shows the conversation happened before entering the Schwarz-verse.
Promotion video
Official promotion video from Atlus.
Conversation with Captain Gore
You can see the naming screen here.
System I
Video showing the game system.
System II
Video showing the game system.
System III
Video showing the game system.
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